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The show is now closed to entries. Please visit our site Sept.11 to see the winners!

***Be sure to read the rules carefully. If your pictures do not follow the rules below your entry may be rejected. Please don't hesitate to Contact Me with any questions you may have before you submit your entry.

Entry Fees

We charge a small entry fee to cover the costs of doing the show. The entry fee is $2 per animal.

Payment can be sent by mail or with a credit card through
Click below to pay with a credit card

Or you can mail payment (Payable to Jamie Huggins) to:
Jamie Huggins
697 Mill Pond Road
Ruffin, SC 29475
Please be sure to include your email address with your payment so I can match it with your entry pictures you email in.

****We will accept the US dollar equivalent value in
Canadian Dollars (C $)
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through Just click the link and open a free account then use their service to send your payment in your currency to

Entry Rules

1. We require 2 pictures of your chinchilla. One as a side view and one as a face view.

2. Pictures should be on an all white background with nothing else in the picture but the chinchilla.

3. Be sure that the entire chinchilla is visible in the side view shot (from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail.)

4. Take your pictures at eye level with your chinchilla and get close up.

5. Pictures can not be edited by graphics software in any way.

6. Remove breeding collars before you take pictures.

7. If you are able to size your pictures please make them 200 pixels high.

Send your entry pictures to along with:
Your name
email address
Chinchilla Color
Chinchilla Age
Chinchilla Sex
Your Country
Payment Type (mail or Paypal)

Aileen Cook Scotland

Important tips

1. Take pictures in sun light or using white light. Pictures which are dark or look tinted by lighting will not do good in the color category.

2. Give your chinchilla regular dust baths the week before you take the pictures and be sure to groom your chinchilla so that it's fur looks its best.

3. Make sure your pictures are close up and in focus.


Entries will be divided into categories by color. Those will then be broken down again by age:
8 months and up will be entered into the adult Class
4-7 months will be entered in the Youth Class
If we have more than 10 entries in a specific class we will break the groups down again by sex.

So a color group with a lot of entrants, such as Standard Grey, could have up to 4 sub-categories:

Adult Male
Adult Female
Youth Male
Youth Female
There would be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each of the 4 categories.

This year we will have a category for Birth to 3 months. Kits will only be judged by viewers choice not by our official judges.


Entries will be judged over a weeks time.
Chinchillas will be given scores in 4 areas. Then those numbers will be added together for a possible total score of 50.
Once all of the judges have scored an animal the total scores of all of the judges will be added together and then divided by the number of judges. This will be the final overall score for that animal and will determine its place in the show.

These are the 4 areas and the maximum number of points a chinchilla can get in those areas:

Colour - maximum 10 points
When looking at the colour of any Chinchilla, the ideal sight, should be that as you look over the fur, the appearance should be blue. So that even if your Chinchilla is black, it should be a blue black. If you have for example a Black Chinchilla that looks more brown and this is not cage stain, then you can say for sure that the colour on this animal is not good and it would be considered 'off colour'.

Shape/Fur - maximum 15 points
The ideal shape for a Chinchilla is when is it round and blocky, some called this 'shaped like a brick'. When you look at the side view of your Chinchilla, you do not want to see a dip in the neck area, but a full neck, with thick fur in this area, sometimes even looking like a ruff. The fur should be standing up, no odd patterns or swirls in it and be good and dense.

Presentation - maximum 10 points
A Chinchilla appearing in a show, should be presented well. The animal should be clean, the fur should look even and tidy, no fur chewing or large chunks of fur missing etc.. It is a good idea to give your Chinchilla a good sand bath before taking the photos, so that the fur looks even, clean and tidy. You can also comb your Chinchillas fur. If you do not have access to a correct Chinchilla grooming comb, then try using a long fine toothed mans hair comb and gently and slowly go through the fur on the back and sides of your Chinchilla to tidy up any loose hairs and remove any small knots sitting in the coat causing his appearance to look untidy.

Cleanliness & Eye Appeal - maximum 15 points
Of course we all like to keep our Chinchillas clean and bathed, but sometimes they may get cage stain, from the problem of dust on the cage or sometimes if one Chinchilla urinates on a shelf or wood and then another sits in it and gets urine on to their fur. So you must make sure that your Chinchilla looks clean and no obvious dirt or marks can be seen on any part of him. Eye appeal for every individual is different, but with Chinchillas we usually all have a common look that we find attractive, being the shape, fur and overall look of the animal and how it is presented.