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The Judges for 2004

Aileen Cook Scotland
Breeder of award winning show quality pedigree chinchillas and a member of the National Chinchilla Society. She has been established as a breeder since 1992. 2002 Chinchilla Club 'Best in Show' winner.
Kingdom Chinchillas

Lee Musselwhite USA
Show/Breeder of Chinchillas 15 years. Our ranch has produce champions breeders
Circle M Ranch

Anjela Ross Belgium
Many of you will already know a bit about me, if you are Chinchilla club members, but for those of you who do not... I am Anjela, of Crystal Chinchillas. I am English but living in Belgium and have been breeding both standard and mutation Chinchillas for approximately 14 years now. My particular favourites, are Ebony, Violet and Sapphire and I enjoy working with them. Over my years of breeding, I have attended many shows, seen many Chinchillas and have also bred many myself. My own lines of Chinchillas are selected from various excellent breeders around the world and I have strived to breed excellent quality animals of my own. So although I may not be an expert, I feel that I have a 'good eye' when it comes to choosing what is a good looking Chinchilla. I will do my very best to judge all the animals in the show with utmost care and attention and I wish everyone who enters success!
Crystal Chinchillas Belgium

Catherine Lasher USA
I am a member of the MCBA, currently working on forming a new branch called the Northwest Chapter. I am in the process of joining ECBC and building up a small, yet strong herd of chinchillas. Due to the lack of large ranches in the Northwest, I have found a mentor in both the Somavias and Ryersons, helping my herd and my knowledge grow. We have owned chinchillas for 6 years, and this will be our first year competing. At each event and each new ranch, I learn more about these animals, have learned basics on how to judge and/or what judges are looking for, as I continue to develop my eye for these animals.
Pitter Patter Chinchillas